Tales From Mino

January 12 – February 10, 2017, Qube Gallery

“Mino…the name for the universe he is building, the universe he shares with his audience and welcomes his audience.”

Clever. Bizarre. Uninhibited. That’s what Tales from Mino is. Thom Jopson pleasantly unveils and reveals ingenious spontaneity and unrestrained imagination with his recent works of fantastical landscapes and characters. Mino is a Visayan word that aptly describes experiencing something supernatural. Mino is the name for the universe he is building, the universe he shares with his audience and welcomes his audience.

The surrealistic fantasy genre of Jopson’s works is punctuated by his choice of subjects and further accentuated by the degree of tedious strokes and lines. Who would not be struck by his concept, style and techniques? Who would not be amazed by the tedious process of thinking and over thinking to radically bring to life on canvases those characters? Who would not be interested to know the laborious execution of meticulously creating the minute details of each subject? Jopson fails not in plunging us to a deeper lure and attentiveness to and with his works. Surrealism’s surprising imagery, deep symbolism, refined painting techniques, and disdain for convention are evidently and convincingly present in Jopson’s works.

Thom Jopson, a graduate of Fine Arts form U.P. Cebu College and a doting father to a three-month old girl, says he picks out “Siggy, Tiberius, and Me” as his most-liked piece in the exhibit. It is a portrait of his daughter. Although, he quips, all of them are his best works, feeling like a parent, playing no favorites. That’s the affective side of Thom. And on a more up-close and personal note, he confesses of being a messy artist, both on how he works and how he thinks. When he works, nothing matters but the painting that he is trying to create. A bit obsessive when painting, his mind goes everywhere since his works are reflections of day to day life and there are just a lot of details to consider. Should he not filter out even the ones he wants to put up, he might end up painting 20 X 20 feet works or installations that could fill up a museum, all of which would take months or even years for perfect completion. Meantime, we are on a treat by the eternal iconography of classic movies, star wars, fairy tales and old movie puppetry textured by layers of stories captured in the aesthetics of each fabricated personifications on each piece. It is close to perfection.

Clever. Bizarre. Uninhabited. Thom Jopson eliminates any form of pretentions. His works do not spoon-feed any audience. That’s what Tales from Mino is, today and always.

Exhibit runs from the 12th of January to the 10th February at Qube Gallery, Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City.

Vinnie Tan