Mundane Rituals: KDLT

23 August - 23 September 2019

KDLT recounts his story by the houses they’ve lived in since he was a kid. His family has moved from one house to another a good number of times. For each one they've stayed in, he became perceptive and fascinated with the life he has witnessed from his neighbors – near and far, quiet and ostentatious alike.


Mundane Rituals is about daily routines. Kdlt believes that ordinary and routine as it may seem, rituals still remain integral in the daily grind of one’s existence.


Navigating through the art world, Kdlt candidly speaks of creating or producing honest works. He paints what is part of him. Every work is a moment or emotion chipped off from himself. Such is the depth of a sincere and self-effacing Kdlt. Mark “Kdlt” Copino dropped out of art school to pursue his passion for art by channeling them to a bigger venue – the streets, more than a decade ago. He, along with other street artists, founded Cebu’s most well-known street art groups ‘UBEC Crew’ and the Junks Collective. He uses KDLT as his name from the shortened term of the vernacular equivalent of lightning.