Drowned in a Series of Awful Cliché: Bong Delfin

13 June - 16 July 2019

The artist engages himself by creating compositions that would require him to unravel problems that need to be solved. His tedious routine commences by doing the traditional method of hydro dipping and then he intuitively add different layers of elements on the work by doing detailed brush works, collaging, stenciling, taping, silk screen printing and the like.


Hydrodeepism is Bong Delfin’s personal ideology, artistic method and a term conceived from the term "hydro dipping", a traditional technique of printmaking which is commonly called "marbling", "swirling", "water transfer", etc. This technique was used for a thousand of years. It is called "Suminagashi" in Japan and "Ebru" in Turkey. Regardless of the jargon used, the basic idea of this process is by dropping the special paint or pigment on the surface of the water and then transferring the aqueous surface design or carefully manipulated patterns to the paper or any material by the process of dipping.

While it is commonly used for its unique monotype print, aesthetic and decorative appeal, Delfin's interest is only focused on the spontaneity and randomness of the outcome. Delfin’s main objective is to subvert the old, accessible and almost mass produced practice into something high art and contemporary. The subversion of the technique loans itself to a unique distinction between a painting and a print.


Avant-garde in its truest essence are the contemporary works of Bong Delfin. The challenge is real but the artist's idea of portrayal of the daily constraining battles on how a 21st century artist make and develop artistic ways that can best represent his generation is made evident in the body of works on display now at Qube Gallery’s Foyer Space.