Siren, XOngs (Performance Art): Russ Ligtas | Raymund L. Fernandez

22 June 2019

Sirens, XOngs is a collection of performance pieces by Russ Ligtas and Raymund L. Fernandez, both founders of the Cebuano performance art group "XO?”.

In the space of one hour, the duo instigates a conversation in automatist performance about and around the ocean. Whether by conjuring an alien sea creature, manifesting marine visions in sound and movement, or relaying messages from the blue depths, the triptych of performances respond to and echo the voices of the sea as an attempt to reestablish the connection between the terrestrial and the aquatic.

Sirens, XOngs is a performative addendum to the exhibition Ocean Sea by Olivia d’Aboville, Joanna Vasquez Arong, and Russ Ligtas