Play!: Distort Monsters

18 November - 12 December 2020

Exploring places, taking spaces. The world is my playground. The monsters are out to play.

Heavily influenced by elements of skateboarding, and punk rock. Distort Monsters is a street artist primarily known for his colorful characters with bold outlines and multilinear textures. His works are often narrative, and introspective in nature, with his monsters being a visual representation of his conscience.


Bringing these monsters to life through various mediums is his way of dealing with his tendency to overthink.


Breaking free from the monotony of daily life, he sets out into the streets, spraycans rattling in the backpack behind him.


Climbing fences, jumping ledges, the world is his to explore. Setting sights on empty spaces, he seeks to leave behind that of which he images. With the walls as his canvas, his mind is blank as he moves instinctively, jumpstarting to spontaneity. He flows, leaving trails of overlapping shapes, and colors, connected by the rhythmic strokes of black lines.


Breathing life into his creation; its story being written, with its narrative a reflection of the world around it. He completes the piece, letting it tell its playful story to anyone who'd take notice.