Midnight Society: Yxandro

13 November - 10 December 2021

You’re never too young to be nostalgic.

Welcome to Midnight Society.

It is as if a neo-impressionist from the 1800s existed in the present and instead of the bucolic he paints the vigor and joy of his fleeting youth in the city in hazy imagery dazed by the flickering in bars and light posts.


This is a brief account of the close encounters of this Midnight Society, a group and gathering in rendezvous at the artist's home for a night cap, from a time before the isolation and separation brought by the pandemic. The exhibit highlights the layered process of abstraction the artist is currently exploring.


Through stencilling the dots, sprays, and splatters are given definition. Over the years, Xandro built a collection of photos he took of his friends and these are the images the works are referenced from. A commemoration of youthful memories.


- Jan Sunday